Friday, August 31, 2012

Letter paintings

I have to co-workers that just started with me and as a gift for their offices I wanted to make them something. Since they are both Mary, I chose to do a fun, simple project and paint letters that match their styles and favorite colors. 

On the back and sides, I wrote words that described each one so that they can turn it around as they pleased. This was the result =)

Newest art pieces

Before the bling was added - This is a gift for my cousin who went to Paris on her honeymoon and that is her anniversary

After the bling was added (my husband's idea)

First attempt at mixed media

Lucas' Surprise 30th Birthday

My husband's surprise 30th birthday consisted of a Craft Beer Theme with outdoor water games and an inflatable slip-n-slide. It's was so much fun but I wanted to document the cake table since I made the decorations. The cake was fabulous and was literally the best cake I've ever had!!!