Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1920's Murder Mystery Dinner Party

It was my sister's 25th birthday and she chose to do a Roaring 20's themed Murder Mystery Dinner. I did the decorations and gladly. The challenge was trying to decorate so many rooms on a tight budget, but we did it where it all worked together nicely =). Purple is her favorite color so it was the main one used for the decor.

The beautiful birthday girl

Decorated using gems and feathers

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  1. Purple is my favorite color too and I love your decorations. You did such a good job. Any chance you did the Murder at the Four Deuces murder mystery game? The one here:


    I ask because I LOVE the photo frame you made with the cards and if it was for our game, I would love it if you let me post one of these photos of the frame on our website theme suggestions for our game. Others hosting our game would love that idea. It's really creative be without too much work or expense involved.

    1. Yes, that's the one we used. Absolutely, feel free to post it and just backlink it to this cite so people can get more ideas :)