Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Table Runner

I found an article showing a table runner made of toilet paper rolls and decided to take a stab at it. I didn't use quite as many as the article but I used about 5-6 white rolls (or you can paint them).
  • First, smash the toilet rolls and mark in pencil 1/4 inch apart. 
  • Then, use a craft knife and cut on the lines.
  • Design the table runner you want once you have all your pieces cut. 
  • Then, use a memory book glue pen (or similar) and start gluing together from the center. 
  • Immediately clip paper clips (as shown in the photo) to hold the pieces together until they dry. Do sections at a time to prevent any from falling apart.

  •  Once it dries, remove the paper clips and show off your newest decor 
Great conversation piece and no one will know what it's made of unless you tell them =)

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