Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo Blocks

For my mom's 50th birthday, I wanted to make her a special unique gift that was customized and not generic. After 5 hours of creative work, my photo blocks were complete and she loved them!

Materials used:

  • Sanded down wood blocks
  • Sand paper (for the edges after applying the scrapbook paper and photos)
  • Ink pad (for distressing the edges)
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge* (to paste the scrapbook paper and photo)
  • Gesso (to gloss the wood for better paper and photo application)
  • Scrapbook paper (variety of patterns)
  • Stickers, buttons or whatever flair you want to add
  • Finishing sealer
*Use Mod Podge to gloss over the photo and paper but be careful that it's dry so you don't make holes in the picture or stretch it. 

It's not difficult to do this project and it's really fun. It can go in so many ways and end up being your child's name with images and different sayings or whatever you would like it to be. Sky's the limit!

Final product

Decorated each side for a variety of setups

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